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Cleaning With a Mop and Microfiber Cloth

Steps for a Greener, Cleaner Apartment Home

Cleaning With a Mop and Microfiber ClothMany people welcome the warmer spring weather by thoroughly cleaning their homes. If that’s a tradition in your household, it may be time to switch from conventional cleaning products to ones that are “green.” Why? Because, unfortunately, many of the conventional products that are being used in homes today contain toxic ingredients that could be bad for your health. If you would prefer to clean without creating an unhealthy environment for your loved ones and friends, consider taking the following steps:

Use Vinegar to Create Environmentally Friendly Products

Distilled white vinegar can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can create a wonderful window cleaner by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar together in a spray bottle. Vinegar can also be used to clean your no-wax floors. Just add approximately four cups of white distilled vinegar to a gallon of warm water, then use this solution to mop with. If you’re not a fan of the way vinegar smells, add a drop or two of lemon oil.

Make a Natural Furniture Polish

You can create an environmentally friendly wood polish by mixing equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice. Then, use a soft cloth to rub this homemade polish into your furniture. Because this polish can get rancid, it is best to make it fresh before each use.

Use Microfiber Cloths

According to the University of Southern Illinois, Americans toss out approximately 1,609 pounds per person each year. So instead of using disposable cloths to dust your furniture with, consider investing in microfiber ones that can be washed and reused. It may be a small step, but the less trash that enters our landfills the better.

Clean Your Oven Naturally

Apply a thick paste of baking soda and water to the bottom of your oven and allow it to sit for several hours. When dry, scrape off the mixture, then thoroughly clean off any residual paste.

Spring isn’t just a good time to clean. It’s also an excellent time to move. If you’ve been looking for a new place to live, we invite you to check out our pet-friendly apartments in Fort Lauderdale, which are located on South Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway and boast two swimming pools. Call our office to learn more!

Person Washing Car

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Person Washing CarWith the spring season in full swing, it is time to get started on those spring cleaning jobs. While the top of your to-do list may include cleaning your Fort Lauderdale apartment, it also may be a great time to give your car a little spring cleaning of its own. Check out these spring car cleaning tips to get your car looking like new again.

Clean Your Windows Inside and Out

The winter months can leave your windows dirty and difficult to see out of. Improve visibility and give your window a good shine by cleaning them thoroughly inside and out with auto glass cleaner.

Give Your Wheels Some TLC

Your tires can go through a lot and cleaning them properly can be the finishing touch to making your car look like new. Remove the hubcaps and make sure to scrub your wheel wells down thoroughly. Also, give your hubcaps a good scrub front and back before putting them back on.

Clean Out Your Trunk

You may have been storing some extra items in your trunk throughout the winter months whether for an emergency or just for convenience. Remove any unnecessary items and give your trunk a thorough vacuuming.

Check Your Wiper Blades

The fall and winter months can cause wear on your wiper blades. Give them a good wipe down and check for any wear or damage to the blades. If they seem worn, now would be a good time to change them.

Don’t Neglect Your Hood

Many car owners don’t often look under the hood when they begin their car cleaning, but dirt, leaves, and debris can gather under your hood and should be removed and wiped down on a regular basis to keep your engine running smoothly.

Follow the tips above to get your car ready for the spring sunshine and out to enjoy the beautiful spring Florida weather. A little spring cleaning can go a long way to helping your car look and feel new. If you are looking to relocate to the Fort Lauderdale area or are just looking for a new Fort Lauderdale apartment, contact Port Royale Apartments today to check out our available floors plans.

Man Swimming

Improve Your Swimming With These Tips

Man SwimmingAre you looking to learn or become a pro at swimming? Whether you’re doing it for fun or sport, incorporating a few tweaks to your stroke will boost your swimming skills. The following tips will help you learn, improve and swim better:

Focus on Form

Start by swimming freestyle. Look at the bottom of the pool, your head high, chest pressed down, while your feet and hips should rest at the surface. When your arm enters under the water, extend it from your shoulders and pull the water toward you to take a stroke.

Keep your elbow high as you pull your arm back. Make constant strong but small kicks with your ankles relaxed and floppy. Kick from the hips, not the knees.

Gain Control Over Your Breath

If you want to improve your swimming skills, learn to breathe better. The basic rule when swimming is to inhale outside the water and exhale under the water. Smooth swimmers practice ‘bilateral’ breathing.

The technique requires that you alternate from the right and left upon breathing. After diving into the water, gently exhale through your nose and mouth, then turn your head to the left or right without lifting and inhale through your mouth only.

Just Roll With It

Avoid trying to inhale or exhale when your face rolls out of the water lest you get winded quickly. Instead, roll your entire so it faces either left or right, and your chest faces one side of the pool.

At the same time, your arm should be pushing down and through and leaving the water in quick succession. Maintain your ear inside the water and the corner of your mouth at the water surface as you take a breath.

It’s never that simple! So, be sure to practice more of this technique, and you’ll get better with time.

Swimming makes you fitter, sleep sounder and gets your energy levels to the roof. Besides, it quashes negative emotions and allows in the feelings of positivity. If you’re looking for apartments in Fort Lauderdale, search no more. Situated on South Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway, Port Royale Apartments are pet friendly. Our community is in a desirable neighborhood with access to all crucial amenities including two swimming pools and a sundeck. To check out our available floor plans, call (877) 580-3383.

Cleaning Supplies

A Dog Owner’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Cleaning SuppliesYou might have a tried-and-true method for completing your spring cleaning, but have you fully factored in the special cleaning needs that come with sharing your home with pets? Sometimes it can be so easy to forget that they are different species to us since they are such a part of our family, but they do tend to have a lot more hair, and a few other quirks that make it a great idea to spend some time cleaning your home. Here’s how:

Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

  1. The importance of good grooming: The first tip isn’t about cleaning your home, so much as keeping your dog’s coat in great shape, and that will lead to a cleaner home on its own. How to groom your dog is dependent on the breed, and it might mean regular trips to the canine beauty salon for a haircut, or it may mean daily brushing. Research what’s best for your dog and keep it up. Both your dog and your home will be happier and cleaner for it.
  2. Get the right supplies: Having the right tools will make keeping the house clean that much easier throughout the year. Many people find a wet-dry mop useful to have at hand to make it a simple task to quickly clean the floors of dog hair regularly. A powerful vacuum cleaner is also a great investment for deeper cleans.
  3. Keep a towel by the door: Dogs are so wonderful for many reasons, from catching a ball to making you smile. What they’re not great at? Wiping their feet before they walk in the door. And so they do have a tendency to track whatever they’ve stepped in throughout your home, whether it be mud or rain or worse. Stop the mess in its tracks by keeping an old towel near their door to wipe their feet when you come inside from walks.
  4. Dust: A major goal of spring cleaning is removing all of the dust in the house that has built up throughout the year, especially in hidden spots. When you have a pet, you want to add a little extra time to complete this job, as pets do tend to increase the overall dust in the air of our homes.
  5. The dog bed: For spring cleaning you’re likely cleaning all of your bedding, and it’s a great idea to make sure that your pup’s bed gets the same treatment. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, and in between washings regularly vacuum the bed to get rid of excess hair.

Our Fort Lauderdale apartments are pet friendly, with both cats and dogs welcome. Our walking paths are the perfect place to take your four-legged friend for a stroll. For more information about our apartment community, schedule a tour.


3 Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Home This Spring

HouseplantsWhen you walk into your home, do you feel at ease and happy? Or do you get a sense of discomfort or that something is just not right? If it’s the latter, then you might want to consider using feng shui principles to make changes in your living area.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that examines the placement of objects and furnishings in your home, and the way that these things might affect the flow of energy in your apartment. For example, poorly placed items can block the natural flow of spiritual energy in a room. So if your apartment is making you unhappy, take the time during your spring cleaning to make these three feng shui-influenced changes.


Piles of unnecessary items on your counters, in your cabinets and closets can cause energy to stagnate and also minimizes your living space. That’s why you need to get rid of things that stress you out when you see them or that you no longer need. It will allow the positive energy in your life to move more fluidly. And this will apply not just to your home but to your inner self, as well.

Add Plants

Most plants are said to bring positive energy to your living space. Of course, some bring better feng shui than others. For instance, lucky bamboo is said to attract health, love, abundance and happiness. Other plants are considered bad feng shui. Cactus, for example, is said to bring undesirable “spiky” energy because of their pointy spines.

Rearrange Your Living Room Furniture

Do you have your chairs and couches arranged for good conversational flow? If not, consider rearranging them so that it’s easier for people to enjoy intimate conversations. Also, make sure to place lamps so that they can shed light on those dark areas of your home.

Of course, feng shui can’t cure all woes. If you’re currently considering moving, please stop by our apartments in Fort Lauderdale. We offer affordable luxury living on the Intracoastal Waterway. Our building is pet friendly and, for boat owners, we even boast an on-site marina and boat slips. Contact us to learn more!

Plants in Colorful Pots

5 Ways to Celebrate Spring

Plants in Colorful PotsThere’s something about the spring season that gets everyone excited. Maybe it’s just the weather, or maybe it’s the outdoors activity opportunities. Either way, following are some ways to celebrate the season that we hope our Port Royale community members in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will enjoy.

Embrace the Spring Equinox Tradition With a Walk

The day and night enjoy an equal balance of time twice per year known as the Equinox. One ushers in the first day of spring. Although many people learn that in grade school, it’s one of those facts that gets forgotten over time. But ancient peoples were acutely aware of this event and often created ways to measure its coming.

Some Native American tribes fashioned burial sites with sun-measuring elements. Many folklore tales include the Equinox as a special and mystic time. Start your own tradition of walking the beach or enjoying nature. Spring is a time of renewal and longer days.

Listen to Fairy Music

There are numerous Old-World artists that carry in the Equinox tradition musically. The use of European instruments such as the harp can be both enchanting and relaxing. Take a listen to artists like Irish-American Áine Minogue who has been widely regarded as an “Equinox” performer. Her Celtic meditations are wonderfully mindful.

Embrace the Madness, March Madness That Is

Basketball fans get a special treat each spring when the NCAA College Tournament builds to the high drama of the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final Four. Choose an NCAA bracket prediction and see if your favorite teams reach the championship game. It’s an exhilarating sports phenomenon that makes for excellent water cooler talk.

Plan Your Garden on Your Patio or Balcony

Early spring is a time to sow seeds and watch beautiful flowers and vegetables grow. Check the Farmers’ Almanac about what flowering plants and vegetables best succeed from a spring Florida planting. This activity could be tied into the Equinox as well.

Organize a May Day Party

Celebrating spring doesn’t have to be a one-day event. There are several interesting “holidays” that fly under the radar. One is May Day. This traditional northern hemisphere celebration is honored on the first day of May and widely remembered for the maypole or Morris dances. Places like Mystic, Connecticut, added some quirky and fun elements to their May Day event by holding competitive “Bed Races” in the public park. Consider gathering some friends for a quirky May Day party.

We hope our Port Royale community members enjoy these spring celebration ideas. If you or a friend would like more information about our Fort Lauderdale apartments, give us a call today.


Share the Love With Charities

VolunteeringResidents of Florida have been leading others in supporting environmental, social, and humanitarian charities. Fort Lauderdale is home to our Port Royale Apartments located on 36 acres of South Florida’s beautiful Intracoastal Waterway.

This year, our residents have the opportunity to join in a number of local charities to share the love—from volunteering at a local food bank to animal advocacy, youth education and artistic expression. Here are 3 charitable organizations that are notable for their non-profit work in the Florida area.

Local Charities to Volunteer At

Autism Society of Broward 

This organization works to improve the lives of those diagnosed with autism in Broward County, Florida. Autism Society of Broward provides volunteer opportunities for Florida residents to assist with events, advocacy, fundraising and more. In addition, programs include golf lessons, farming skills, yoga, job training for those with autism, guest speaker nights, parent support groups, and luncheon for moms.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Horse Rescue

This organization is an animal protection and welfare non-profit that works to provide a safe and permanent haven for horses in the state of Florida that are diagnosed with Equine Infectious Anemia. They also assist any horse that has an immediate medical need in Broward County. Their goal is to prevent the needless euthanasia of these beautiful breeds. Animal and horse lovers are urged to join the Sponsor-A-Horse program which will match individuals with a horse they can love, groom, and ride on the 60-acre property. Moreover, the organization also has a very active volunteer program. Volunteers do not need to have a knowledge of horses, just a willingness to help the horses, the ranch, and to be a member of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Military Heroes Support Foundation

This Foundation targets active duty and deployed servicemen and retired veterans to provide support and direction towards transitioning back into their home life and society, once their military service is complete. The goal of MHSF is to act as a liaison to help these heroes achieve an effective reinstatement into the community in a timely manner. Over 3,000 servicemen are helped each year through the work of this non-profit foundation. The Foundation is always in need of a helping hand for fundraising events and upcoming packing events that happen monthly at different sponsored locations. Other volunteer opportunities include assistance in pick up of supplies and donations, organizing the warehouse and assistance with inventory, and USPS pick up and delivery.

These are only a few of the many charitable organizations that residents who live in Florida can generously participate in. Our Fort Lauderdale apartments give residents a waterfront lifestyle located in a prime location. Enjoy our two swimming pools, sundeck, a lovely picnic area and outdoor grill station, walking paths, and more. Call our office to learn more.

Valentine's Day Cookies

Activities for the Whole Family for Valentine’s

Valentine's Day CookiesValentine’s Day is primarily known as a holiday for couples, but when baby makes three you might want to change your Valentine’s Day plans. Finding babysitters on Valentine’s Day can be quite difficult, and romantic dining is a whole new challenge with kids in tow. Here are a few creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones:

Valentine’s Day Activities for Families

Bake Something Special

Nothing says love like sweet treats made from scratch. Dig up an old recipe or try out a new dessert recipe. Or let your children explore their culinary side with a Valentine’s Day cooking class from Yello!’s where they can learn to make healthy, organic, vegan desserts for Valentine’s Day.

Go Out to a Cafe

If your baking skills are sorely lacking, why not patronize a local coffee shop or bakery? Take along a board game or a deck of cards and let the good times roll.

Explore Your Creative Side

Decorate t-shirts with Valentine’s Day love-themed designs and give them as gifts to the ones you love.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

If you have some very active, energetic children take them on a Cupid’s Valentine Hunt. Dress everyone up in red or pink, and let the fun begin as they search for Valentines and enjoy other special activities.

Attend a Fundraiser

Create cute doggie valentines and help raise money for Nina’s Network, a grassroots non-profit that helps rescue animals and help pet owners have basic resources to take care of their pets.

Spend Some Time Walking Around Town

Wake up early and enjoy the sunrise together looking out at the beach. Take a trolley to downtown Hollywood Beach Boardwalk promenade. Rent bicycles for the whole family or a surrey. Enjoy people watching at the Promenade in Fort Lauderdale while enjoying ice cream cones. Bring along some colored chalk and make some Valentine’s Day-themed chalk art.

Whether you are keeping things simple or trying out something new, remember that Valentine’s Day is about spending time with loved ones and creating positive memories for everyone to cherish. If you are ready to find a special place to call home, schedule a tour for one of our apartments in Fort Lauderdale.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Ft. Lauderdale Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day DinnerLooking for a romantic V-Day dinner within easy driving distance of our apartments in Fort Lauderdale? We’ve got you covered. Our five favorite choices are delicious, nutritious (well, some of them) and located within 20 minutes of our community—whether you live here now or would like to soon. Check them out and choose a restaurant to treat your sweetheart!

1. La Dolce Vita

Meaning “the sweet life” in Italian, this restaurant takes its name seriously. In addition to the most delicious pasta (think wild mushroom and black truffle ravioli in Parmesan cheese sauce—yes, please!), it makes a classic panettone to die for. This Italian sweet bread is full of candied fruit and served in thick slices. Where do you go wrong?

2. Casa D’Angelo

This restaurant is another taste of Italy to inspire your night of romance. Pair flowing wine with a selection of cheeses straight from the boot-shaped country, including buffalo mozzarella caprese, burrata (the creamiest cream-filled cheese you ever did taste) or layered eggplant and mozzarella.

3. Truluck’s

Get your surf and turf on at Truluck’s, which pairs first-rate ambiance with the freshest crab, straight from their very own fisheries. If your special one adores the fruits of the sea, there’s no better place to take them. (Oh, and did we mention the chocolate cake?)

4. Casablanca Café

Okay, so this is actually 25 minutes away in evening traffic, but that name! So romantic! Especially when paired with charming Moroccan flair and an epic array of seafood, meat and glorious fruit-spiked salads. How can this dinner fail to be spectacular?

5. Sea Watch on the Ocean

It’s no surprise seafood features widely in Fort Lauderdale restaurants. This elegant choice has an actual sea view, however, as well as a huge selection of food and wine.

Already live in our apartments in Fort Lauderdale? In that case, we know you’ll not only have a lovely dinner out, you’ll come home to a cozy space in which to snuggle up with a romantic comedy or beat each other at a fierce game of Monopoly. Don’t live here yet, but curious? We invite you to get in touch and learn more today!

Blue Jeans

New Year Organizing Tips

Blue JeansOrganization is something that most of us struggle with, even if it’s not always the most glamorous self-help topic. There’s a lot of advice out there about it, but it’s not always easy to implement.

Messy rooms typically stem from clutter, and clutter normally stems from a desire to hang onto objects that we may not need anymore. Or sometimes we just fail to see the more obvious solutions to our problems. See how you can get a cleaner apartment this year with just a little ingenuity and a little more bravery.

Donate, Toss, Recycle

Most of us have items in our lives that we simply don’t need or use anymore. We may hold onto them because they have some type of sentimental value, but usually, that sentimental value is the guilt we would feel if were to get rid of it.

But 2018 is the time to refresh your apartment by giving it more space to breathe. Stop letting nostalgia and personal feelings get in your way (both literally and figuratively!) Donate anything that’s still in good condition, recycle anything that can be transformed into something useful, and toss anything that’s just plain worn out.

Look Up (and Down)

If you have a heap of junk in a closet or a lump of clothes that you keep forgetting to take to the dry cleaners, it may be time to look up. Shelves installed above the doors and under the ceilings are perfect for taking care of all those odds and ends you aren’t quite sure what to do with.

S-hooks can be used on shower curtains to hold towels or to wake up your dry-clean-only clothes with the steam. On the other hand, storage bins under the bed are usually the best solution for all those items you’ll eventually need at later date. Put all your seasonal clothes in one, and then watch the room open up.

Our apartments in Fort Lauderdale know how important it is to give our residents the space they need to feel comfortable, which is why our floor plans are designed to work with your lifestyle. If you want to learn more about our various layouts or our amenities, give us a call today!

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