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Food on Grill

3 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Food on GrillCelebrated annually on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day honors the men and women who sacrificed their lives serving in the U.S. military. Memorial Day began shortly after the Civil War, but didn’t become an official federal holiday until 1971. It’s become a tradition to celebrate Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries and placing flowers on the graves of loved ones. To honor the nation’s fallen soldiers, many Americans also visit military memorials. On a less somber note, Memorial Day is also known for kicking off summer with pool parties, backyard barbecues and watching patriotic parades. Memorial Day 2017 takes place on May 29 with the customary national moment of remembrance taking place at 3 p.m. local time. Residents of Fort Lauderdale apartments can also celebrate Memorial Day all weekend with the following various activities.

Attend a Beach Party

Since Memorial Day unofficially marks the beginning of the summer season, celebrate the holiday by attending the 8th Annual Great American Beach Party on Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. This free event takes place on Fort Lauderdale Beach near A1A and Las Olas Boulevard. Enjoy live bands, a kids zone, sand castle contest, classic car show and a military tribute highlighted by a precision freefall parachute drill performed by the U.S. Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team.

Visit the Memorial Day Ceremony 

The Lauderdale Memorial Park Cemetery boasts a veterans garden with a monument to honor all veterans and hosts one of the area’s largest annual Memorial Day events honoring veterans. The Memorial Day Ceremony will be held at Lauderdale Memorial Park Cemetery (2001 SW 4th Avenue) on May 29 at 9:00 a.m. The ceremony will feature a parade of colors, recognition of veterans, dove release and more.

Have a BBQ

Celebrate Memorial Day by gathering together with friends and family for a traditional backyard barbecue at our outdoor barbecue grill and picnic area. Don’t forget the red, white and blue streamers in honor of the holiday. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just loads of fun for everyone!

Our apartments in Fort Lauderdale provides a great environment for your barbecues and pool parties on Memorial Day and all summer long. Our community offers two swimming pools, an outdoor barbecue grill and picnic area and ample parking, including an onsite marina with boat slips. Give us a call at (877) 580-3383 and discover one of the most remarkable communities in Fort Lauderdale.

Port Royale Second Pool

Sun Safety Tips for When You’re at the Pool or Beach

Port Royale Second PoolIt is just about time to start enjoying the summer weather which means you will likely want to go to the pool or the beach. Before you can do that, however, you will want to make sure you are protecting your skin and staying safe while in the sun. Use these tips to prepare and make sure you are ready for the heat and the sun this summer.

Sun Safety Tips for When You’re at the Pool or Beach

  • Cover up as much as possible. While you may be tempted to stay out in the sun, you should think about wearing a cover up and even a wide brimmed hat so you can reduce your sun exposure.
  • Wear sunglasses. The thing that most people are concerned about is their skin but you should also make sure you protect your eyes as well. Make sure you get some strong sunglasses and wear them while you are outside, even if you are not at the beach or the pool.
  • Use sunscreen. You should have sunscreen on at all times and reapply every two hours. As a rule of thumb, you should use a formula that is at least 30 SPF. You can use something higher as well but do not go lower than 30 SPF or it will be less effective.
  • Look for some shade. UV rays are strongest from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. so especially during this time you should try to find some shade to stay under while you are outside. Look for an umbrella to sit under and place your chair or your towel there so when you are not in the water, you are in the shade.
  • Stay hydrated. You are much more likely to become dehydrated when you are spending time out in the sun. Make sure you have plenty of water with you and drink it regularly so you can stay hydrated all day long.

If you are looking for a great pool, we offer two to our residents at our apartments in Fort Lauderdale. Stop by our office today to see which floor plans we have available that you may be interested in.

Port Royale Swimming Pool

Ways to Enjoy Our Swimming Pools This Summer

Port Royale Swimming PoolPort Royale’s Fort Lauderdale apartments make it easy to cool off on a hot spring or summer day by providing two great swimming pools for all residents. Here are just some of the many ways you can fully enjoy a swim either on your own or with friends and family.

Play Games

Some great pool games you may want to consider include Throw and Retrieve, Marco Polo and Sea Monster. Races can also be great fun and there are many to pick from. Choose games that are appropriate for everyone, especially if there are children and/or people who are beginner swimmers.

 Create an Underwater Movie

Use an underwater camera to create a cool underwater movie. You can even edit it when you get home to add interesting effects.

Set it Alight

Make a nighttime pool party an extraordinary event by having everyone bring glow in the dark sticks and pool floats. You can even compliment your glowing party with some glow in the dark poolside game materials such as bowling pins and ball for bowling or glowing hoops for ring toss. You can also use your glow in the dark objects to create some cool special effects for photos.

Make a Pool Raft

Have everyone bring along some safe and fun materials that can, with a bit of creativity, be turned into water rafts. Divide people into teams and have each team come up with an innovative raft to try out in the pool. Naturally, the raft that works best and lasts the longest is the winner.

Port Royale offers a luxurious ambiance that is second to none. Our community offers a wide variety of one- and two-bedroom floor plans to pick from and a plethora of great amenities to enjoy. We also offer move-in assistance, on-site maintenance, package acceptance and other services to make your life as comfortable and convenient as possible. Get in touch with us to find out more about our amenities, apartment price points and local attractions near our community. We look forward to helping you find the right apartment home at Port Royale to suit your lifestyle.

Beach and Palm Tree

How to Host a Beach Picnic

Beach and Palm TreeSpring is here and summer is just around the corner so it’s time to start gathering up your friends and family and making some plans to hit the beach. What better way to enjoy the surf, sand, and sun than preparing everyone’s favorite portable dishes and having a beach picnic? With your new Fort Lauderdale apartment being just minutes away from some of the best beaches in Florida, you’ll want to plan fun beach picnics again and again. Here are some tips for our community members getting ready to pack those picnic baskets.

1. Don’t Overthink the Food

Depending on how many people you have with you, it may be easier to just order takeout and bring it with you to the beach. A cheese board, antipasto, and fruit and veggie dish from the supermarket also work in a pinch or making sandwiches at home is quick and easy too. Keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb so you don’t miss the sunset.

2. Bring Plenty of Extra Blankets and Towels, Plus Something Heavy to Hold Them Down

You can never have too many blankets and towels at a beach picnic. When the wind picks up, you want to keep sand from flying into the food and sandy blankets from covering it. A cooler is perfect for weighing down blankets, but grab a few hardback books or something else to throw in the beach bag.

3. Keep Extra Utensils and Napkins Handy

Bring a box of plastic utensils and a package of napkins with you, or ask for extra if you’re ordering food. Wet wipes are also a good idea if you’re eating something sticky and don’t want to attract any marine life when you go swimming.

4. Be Careful Applying Sunscreen Near Food

If you’re using sprays, make sure to stand far away from the food so it doesn’t get contaminated. For lotions, wipe your hands sufficiently after you’ve applied sunscreen before handling food.

When you call Port Royale Apartments home, you’re enjoying luxurious intracoastal living in the “Venice of America” without compromising great value. If you long for the coasts, days at the beach complete with beach picnics and so much more, give our office a call today to inquire about available floor plans!

Calculator and Pen

How to Get Your Taxes in Before Tax Day

Calculator and PenTax Day is almost here! You have until April 18 this year since the normal Tax Day falls on a Saturday. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to get your taxes done, there’s no need to panic. But even though you don’t have to pay state income tax after you move into your gorgeous Fort Lauderdale apartment since Florida doesn’t have one, you may be on the hook for federal taxes and are worried about the filing deadline. Here’s what you can do in the final hours leading up to Tax Day.

E-file Your Return to Save Time

Electronic filing is how a vast majority of people file their tax returns today, 91% according to, as it significantly speeds up the process. If there’s a problem with your tax return, it won’t be accepted so at least you won’t have to wait several months to learn that there was a processing error.

If You Have to File on Paper, Spring for Express/Overnight Postage

There are some situations where you need to file a paper tax return if you receive certain types of income and things like military tax breaks. But if the eleventh hour is sneaking up on you to get your taxes filed, give yourself peace of mind by going express. Don’t take chances on regular postage, and get signature confirmation so you know an IRS agent received your package.

Make sure your returns are going to the correct filing center by checking the IRS website.

File for an Extension if You Really Need More Time

While this doesn’t put any taxes you owe on deferment, if you just need more time to get your tax return together you can file for an extension by April 18. It will give you until October to prepare and file your tax return.

At the very least, going on extension means that you won’t get fined for not filing a tax return by the deadline.

If you’re looking for intercoastal living between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale in the “Venice of America,” you won’t be able to wait to call the spacious waterfront apartments at Port Royale your new home. Please contact us today to inquire about available floor plans.

Port Royale Fitness Center

6 Fitness Activities to Enjoy From Your Apartment

Port Royale Fitness CenterSpring is the ideal time to refresh your fitness routine, reset goals and reinvigorate your training program. Why not change it up and try something new? If you live in our Fort Lauderdale apartments, you’ll have easy access to all these activities and more:

1. Get fit With Swimming

Port Royale Apartments feature two swimming pools, so there’s always plenty of room to swim laps, jog in the water or do water aerobics. Swimming is an excellent low-impact way to burn calories and give your knees, ankles, hips and other joints a break.

2. Circuit Training

Do you love lifting weights or using resistance machines? You’ll have access to a fully-equipped fitness center right on the grounds of Port Royale.

3. Yoga at Your Fort Lauderdale Apartment

Our Fort Lauderdale apartments also feature access to a full yoga studio where you can perform your favorite yoga routine. Get Zen and meet up with other like-minded yogis and yoginis to learn new techniques and asanas.

4. Inspiring Waterfront Workouts

Port Royale is located near the water and also has an onsite marina with boat slips. The soothing views of sailboats, yachts and the waterfront itself make getting fit on our grounds uplifting and inspiring. You’ll have a multi-million dollar view while working out!

5. Racquetball

Change up your routine with a game of racquetball from time to time at the Port Royale courts. You’ll work different muscles and keep fitness fresh.

6. Walk it Out

If you’re in a hurry or just want to keep it simple, walking is a reliable, no-frills way to stay on track with health and wellness. Port Royale features numerous inviting walking paths for you to choose from. Walking near the waterfront and marina can keep you inspired. You can also venture out to nearby neighborhoods and see what’s new.

Spring is the perfect time to reassess your workout routine. When you live at Port Royale Apartments in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll have easy access to an invigorating variety of activity options. Consider making the move to Port Royale Apartments in Fort Lauderdale and enjoy superior fitness amenities right on the grounds, such as sundecks, a courtyard and much more!

Port Royale Living Room

5 Party Hosting Tips

Port Royale Living RoomIt is always a good time for a party. However, how good a party is can really come down to how well you host it. Whether you have hosted parties in the past or if this is something completely new to you, there are a few things you can do to make sure your party happens without any mishaps or issues.

5 Party Hosting Tips

  1. Take the time to prepare. You should tidy up ahead of time so you are not trying to rush things the last minute. Also, take the time to make sure everything is done ahead of schedule. You do not want to be stressed at your own party because you didn’t make sure everything was done.
  2. Relax. Just because you are hosting does not mean that you need to be high strung. Keep things simple and if something goes wrong, just improvise. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself because your guests want to see you enjoying yourself as well.
  3. Create talking points. You do not want things to be awkward at your party so if the guests don’t all know each other, you may want to create talking points by putting a theme on the party or incorporating some group games to get the fun started.
  4. Give your guests something to do. Providing talking points is great but they are not always guaranteed to work. Create some games or other activities that your guests can to so they can relax and enjoy the party even more, even if you are not always present.
  5. Join the party. Just because you are the host does not mean you cannot have some fun as well. Make some time to see all of your guests and interact with them. They want to see you just as much as they want to enjoy the party. Do not stay hidden in the kitchen all night. Instead, take some time to be with everyone you invited.

Hosting a party can be a lot of fun but you have to have a place where you can host it. If you are looking for Fort Lauderdale apartments, you are in luck! Stop by our leasing office today to see what your options are and what we have available.

Segway Tour

3 Spring Activities Around the Community Near Your Fort Lauderdale Apartments

Segway TourAs the start of the spring season arrives, you may be searching for a reason to step outside your apartments in Fort Lauderdale. You can take advantage of the activities available in your community to enjoy the best the season has to offer. The community experiences can open up your eyes to the beauty of your region and reinforce bonds with your family, friends and neighbors. Here are three truly amazing spring activities to put on your events calendar for the coming months of the spring season.

Cycle Experience

Take a tour around the city by hitching a ride on the unique bar on wheels. You can rent out this awesome man-powered vehicle by the hour to pedal through the neighborhood with your friends and family. Your travels will lead you through the most amazing sights you can see in this region. You will receive specials on dishes and drinks if you take your barstool cycle to the specified bars and pubs along the way.

Segway Tour Near Your Apartments in Fort Lauderdale

The effortless and iconic Segway gives you a truly unique way to take in the sights near your Fort Lauderdale apartments. As you lean into the ride, you will hear about the most interesting landscapes and tourist attractions from your dedicated guide. Make sure to pay close attention to the primer to learn how to operate this interesting vehicle before heading out to make the most of your experience.

Dinner Cruise

See the city from an all-new vantage point by signing up for a dinner cruise. The cruise lines run along the shores through the evening hours and beyond to let you see the shoreline light up at night. You can participate in fun and engaging activities with your friends and family while onboard to enjoy a truly unforgettable night on the town.

As you put your feet up and relax after a day full of fun activities, turn your attention toward the improvement of your living accommodations. To do so, contact the team at Port Royale by calling 877-580-3383 to inquire about the available apartment home floor plans in your area.

Port Royale Living Room

The Benefits of Minimalism

Port Royale Living RoomTaking a minimalist approach in your home frees up a lot more space, but it also offers a number of other benefits. When you take the time to reduce the amount of stuff you own, minimalism will provide you with the following benefits.

Reduced Stress

Owning more possessions doesn’t necessarily bring more happiness. In fact, it can end up causing you a great deal of stress. These possessions can make your home feel crowded, and you might worry about losing or having to replace items that are damaged. Having fewer items in your home can help you clear your head, focus better and reduce the amount of stress you’re under from day to day.

Easier Cleaning

When you have a home filled with items, dusting and wiping down different parts of your home can become difficult. It also means that you have more items to deal with when it’s time to clean. Getting rid of items and only keeping those that you need or that have special meaning to you makes it easier for you to clean your home on a regular basis. You also don’t have to spend as much time cleaning as you would when you have a lot of possessions.

Greener Home

If you’ve been wanting to make your home more eco-friendly, minimalism can help you accomplish this task. When you buy more items and fill your home with consumer goods, you’re contributing to environmental damage that occurs from the manufacturing process. Cutting back on the goods you purchase and recycling as many items as possible means that your home will become more eco-friendly.

More Money

Eliminating nonessential items and only keeping a few treasured ones can help you save money. Instead of continuing to buy more and more goods, you’ll end up putting that money away or spending it on vacations or other experiences. This leads to a more rewarding lifestyle that isn’t tied to spending money on expensive items or having numerous items in your home.

When you’ve worked toward minimalism, you’ll find that our apartments in Fort Lauderdale, FL offer ample space for storing the items you’ve decided to keep. Please contact us for more details on our available apartments.


How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Going

NotebookIt is after January – did your New Year’s Resolution go the way of the dodo bird? If so, there are a few things that you can do to resurrect this promise before it becomes old news. Take a look.

Stop Calling it a New Year’s Resolution

That part of the game is over. Your New Year’s Resolution is no longer a New Year’s Resolution; it is now just a promise that you made to yourself that you have to keep. Take away the labels, and you will find that the pressure melts away as well. Instead of trying to pick a failed resolution back up, you are starting a new promise with new energy and new resolve.

Involve Other People

One reason why New Year’s Resolutions never make it past January 3rd is the lack of accountability to others. It is always easier to do things in a group. Invite others into your promise to yourself, and think of ways to make it fun. If others participate with you, you will find it easier to continue. In Fort Lauderdale, you will find plenty of adventurous people who will accompany you on a new journey, so don’t be afraid to be a social butterfly!

Reward Yourself

Why are you associating New Year’s with pain? There is no reason to try to move mountains; you can reward yourself for a job well done. Give yourself an intermittent reward schedule, however. Those work more efficiently. For instance, do not take yourself to the bakery every time you make it to the gym. You will eventually start skipping the gym and going straight to the bakery, or worse, fooling yourself into thinking you hate pastries as an excuse to stay home completely. Give yourself a trip once a month, however, and you can easily keep a resolution going!

Get your life started at Port Royale, one of the premier apartments in Fort Lauderdale. Imagine the lifestyle that you can have with the incredible backdrop of Florida overlooking the incredible array of people and activities that are easily accessible here. We would love to get the process started for you – all we need is a phone call or an email!

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